Thursday, March 17, 2011

Times Union story about Larry's Southwestern Sauces

Caroline Barret wrote this story about Larry's Southwestern Sauces on her Times Union blog.

Nachos and Larry's Southwestern Sauces

Wanting to redeem myself after the butternut squash soup debacle, I decided I would treat my family to nachos. There was a jar of this wonderful stuff in my cabinet that I picked up at the farmers market. It was Ranchero sauce, one of three made by Larry of Larry’s Southwestern Sauces. Larry lives here in Delmar, vends at the markets around town, and always has a smile and kind word for his customers.
I love his products, rich, tomato-based sauce for chili, enchiladas, tacos, any Mexican style food. For my dad’s birthday I made him a gift basket with products from the farmers market, and he especially loved this sauce.
Last night I cut up corn tortillas, brushed them with oil, sprinkled on a little salt and baked them on cookie sheets until they were crisp and golden. We melted cheese over those, and served it with steamy black beans, guacamole and ground turkey that I simmered in Larry’s Ranchero Sauce. The Ranchero is mild and has a sweetness that comes from tomatoes and mild chiles. Elliot helped by smashing the avocados (oh, how he loves to smash things,) Zoe tossed a salad and Lucy stirred the turkey. We tossed up a simple green salad and all were happy.

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